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Who of the old guard are still around?

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I'm still checking in from time to time, but the new site isn't dyslexia friendly and I've got a lot on my plate doing volunteer work through this whole Covid thing. It's nice to dust off our old charity and all, but it's time consuming as all get out.


Hello all. Figured I'd stop by and see who's still around. I think I deleted my old account a few years ago in a fit of anxiety, which I kind of regret now. Nice to see a few names I recognize.

Looks like Werewolf died out last year, huh?
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Wasn't it an epic quarrel between Jhessail and Merlkir, after which both deleted their accounts? Only to resurface within a year.


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Cant remember when I joined the forum, but I started playing the first MB game (was called something else)


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I still poke my head in, but it's mostly to check Bannerlord notes/progress since I generally troll around in MP if I have an hour. Lots of memories to be found in this soapy den, though.
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