who is the best duelist NA?

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Just do a quick tournament and find out. Duel tournaments can be started and finished in less than 3 hours.
Hell an Invitational would probably be done in an hour
crypex doesnt belong on that list he's more comparable with players like nopanda, plug, bernie, superhobo. Crypex and those guys are good but not in the same tier as the top 5 people
people like sufference and forsaken belong on that list. Also wegnas beat narmin

Wegnas, Narmin, Sufference, forsaken is top 4
You forgot to include the duel server NPC BOT in the nopanda, plug, bernie, superhobo tier!
Yeah true, EU top tier players would demolish the NA ''top tier''. Only exception would be Peter, he is a god-like player from NA
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