Which feature do you want the most?

Which feature do you want the most?

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We all know if Failworlds wants to really up their sales and media coverage they need only implement gender neutral language into dialogue.


It lets you assign captains before the fight and shows you the bonuses they will provide to each formation, it saves settings and it lets you decide how many troops you want in the fight so you don't have to bring all your might against a group of 20 looters.
Oh you can position troops before the fight too.
Ah yes, I remember now... Thank you very much!


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I went for order of battle, but I believe the battle terrain system is also quite vital to make everything more interesting and enjoyable. And to differentiate our thousands of battles - they feel and play all the same right now.
The rest would also be really great to have, especially sallying out. I'd love a Helm's Deep-like all-cavalry sally out!


I'd like to see an emphasis as well on a few other things - better armor (something like an in game Realistic Battle Mod) and better Empire Management options.

Better graphics would certainly help. The game has been criticized before for the graphics. I think that by the time Mount and Blade 3 hits, the graphics will feel very outdated - 4k textures should be possible with all units by that point. Even today, my several years old PC can run with around 1500 units without too much frame drops - I could see all 2048 units being run at maximum settings with a computer today with top specs, and likely even mid-range computers by the mid 2020s.
I'ld like a multiplayer where I can't rejoin to the same match I quit/kicked and same thing for trolls or griefers who got kicked. On top of it, when I leave the match the game made me rejoin again, I'm being punished for their failure to add a basic matchmaking system. Callum said it'll be looked into, that was months ago.
While it's true that Calradia isn't Europe, it is certainly based on Europe and middle east, so in that time I'm sad to say potatoes were only a wet dream to Europeans. So no reason for good ol' taters to be present in Calradia.
They'll just make it a trade item. They got rid of some food already and made it just trade stuff. Sucks.


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Hopefully the birth cutscene is from the baby's perspective for more immersion.

They could make it a mini-game. Such in as if you really fight birth, swimming against the tide and try going the other way against all pressures, youll grow bigger as youve been cooked in the oven longer and when finally the inevitable Birth wins -your mother will despise you for some time and Brat (-2 to all tight alleyWay dealings) shall be your birthright Perk


if you are alive by the 2030s.
And here I was hoping to see M&B 3.

On topic though, the things that I want in game are smaller then the stuff on the pole. I’d like stuff like Nobles you’re friends with giving you gifts like a names sword and nobles and players getting in game nicknames depending on certain actions.

Basically, the smaller things in the game, neat little features that add up that I do think are missing in the current game, and I hope will be added in some form.


I think big maps are not a good idea..., too much running and waiting for action, and at the end somebody kills you with a bow using a CROSSHAIR that never exists in real life.
I also think that there must be only ONE flag (one objective for every player). Not 2, not 3..., and of course not 5. The goal must be simpe and the same for all players. Big maps with different objectives would be good IF this game implemented a GREAT communication system to make teams work together (but it does not happen, and I doubdt it will happen).
Yellow sand maps NEED to be redone, they kill my eyes with much brightness (and sometimes uglyness).
The HUD destoy immersion (crosshair, names, flags, objectives, etc). Just make a game with that infomration given without intrusive elements.
Remove ranking based on points, that is not interesting. What matters is how many kills and deaths. Ranking must stay visible at the end, and players need a minute to chat about the battle (oh, sorry, I am a naif, the game crashes IF we manage to end the battle).
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