Which factions are the strongest and weakest in your game?

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The Sothern Empire is the biggest in my game. They're currently trashing Sturgia. Sturgia is holding on and has 5 or 6 cities still, but the Western Empire is doen to just one city and has several wars going. The city has over 1k defenders though so it may hold on a while. I am currently working for the Northern Empire which has lost one city to Sturgia which was then taken by the Southern.
Wow 1k defenders that's a nut that will take awhile to crack. :wink:
For me it went like this:
Western Empire got Steamrolled by a Joint Taskforce of Vlandian and Battanians.
Sturgia lost nearly everything to Battania, their capital went to the Southern Empire.
Soon after, the Southern Empire got ROFL-stomped by the Khuzaits.
Northern Empire was taken by Vlandians as well.
Aserai are chilling in the desert.

And now I'm conquering the Aserai to expand my own Kingdom.
khuzaits pretty much allways strongest. Those have very strong cavalry. North empire weakest. Alltough have started 4 games allready, and its allways little different , but khuzaits do pretty well in all of those
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The strongest are Vlandia -> Khuziat -> Battania, every time, in every campaign.
Sturigia is the weakest in every single game I've played. I didn't even know Nevyansk Castle was Sturgian since they've always managed to lose it before I make my way to the North (and I went there as soon as the tutorial ended, hehe).

I'm always chilling somewhere in Vlandian/Battanian territory, and when I finally look at the other side of the map (that can take a few hundred days for me to feel interested in it), it usually speaks Mongolian.
Strongest : Vlandia than Khuzait after that Battania.
Weakest : Sturgia by far.

It dont suprise me that Sturgia is the weakest.
Their troops stats and equipment are a mess and on top off that their Nevyansk castle + 2 settlements are to far away from their main territory.
On my second campaign currently. With configurable war attrition, I'm on day 1000 and there are 4 factions remaining.
Sturgia was the first to fall, obviously. Vlandians and Northern Empire tore them in half, I think Battania finished them off.
Southern and Western Empires fell next. The western and southern got devoured by the north empire.
Vlandia and Khuzaits split Aserai in half.
Battania was destroyed after my civil war, my faction is the 4th faction and 2nd in power. Before destroying them though, we were a powerhouse, Caladog eventually declared one too many wars and lost one too many fiefs and everyone started to hate him.
Vlandia controls 2/3 of their original territory and half of Aserai, but their days are numbered as my faction is currently throwing them out of their home territory.
The Khuzaits have dominated their home territory and are in a punching battle against the northern empire, but the northern empire has consistently pulled troops away from their eastern front to try and invade battania and vlandia which has caused them to eventually lose fiefs, and now Khuzaits are on a warpath.

My first playthrough was mostly defections to the khuzaits which led them to dominate half the map while vlandia dominated the other half. Eventually the vlandian superpower won and it was gg.
Sturgia dies, usually Varcheg gets taken by Vlandia quite early.
Western Empire loses Lageta to Battania - always!
Amprela gets taken by Kuzaits - always!

Only different start is in my most recent (beta) run which seems quite stable - Sturgia even managed to take a Battanian city (which i promptly helped get back), didn't lose Varcheg. The rest holds true tho. Also, I'm playing mercs and trying to keep the balance if one faction seems to be getting too strong.

When I see this image I come to one thought, the last battle for Constantinople
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