Which 3 major features from Warband or Devblogs do you want the most in Bannerlord?

Which 2 of these singleplayer features do you want the most? (You can choose TWO)

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five bucks

Knight at Arms
The terrain battle system and spear bracing are the major features that Taleworlds have confirmed they are working on and will release in future updates.
However, we don't know what they have planned after that.
There are multiple features which were in Warband, or teased in the developer blogs a long time ago, which still aren't a part of Bannerlord yet and have not been confirmed to be in Taleworlds' development priorities.
Here you can vote on which of these you would most like to see, to let TW know what the playerbase wants to see in future updates (within the established scope of the series).

A Warband feature. When you created a kingdom, the first fief you captured became your capital city. This was the location of your Court. If lords were interested in joining your kingdom, they would travel to your Court and wait there to talk to you. That made finding nobles to join your kingdom much less of a hassle because you didn't have to chase them all around the map.
The Court also had your Minister in it. Talking to them allowed you to find out about political matters, resolve political quests, or send diplomats to other kingdoms.

A Warband feature. Nobles or the player could hold parties and invite other nobles to come, and the host would gain relation with everyone who went. This was a way for non-combat-focused roleplays to gain relations, and gathered nobles together in one place for the player to easily talk to them, plus it added immersion. A tournament with all lords present would also happen with a Feast.
When hosting your own feast, the more varied the food you bought was, the more relations you would get. You could talk to the guests to gain extra relation. (There was an issue where kingdoms losing wars would waste time feasting in Warband. If added to Bannerlord, feasts should only happen in peacetime, and should provide Influence gain.)

A feature from the 2016 Bannerlord demo. Right now Bannerlord needs somewhere for minor factions to recruit their unique troops, and for the player to hire minor faction mercenaries without having to chase them across the map. Minor faction bases could provide this.

A feature from Warband and Dev blogs. Deserters were troops who abandon their army (in Bannerlord, when its morale drops too low, according to devblogs) and roam the world as bandits; their military equipment made them the most threatening type of bandit. Manhunters were bounty hunters who would spawn in areas where bandits were too common, and roam looking for bandits to capture, helping keep bandit numbers in control. They also could be hired by the player as blunt-weapon troops, good for capturing prisoners.

A Warband feature. You could insult a lord to fight them in a fun 1v1 duel. If you won, it increased your prestige with their enemies, although it also made that lord hate you. There were other situations where a duel could happen as well, such as if they insulted you, or if a lady asked you to defend their honor.

Mentioned in the v1.3 Tactics tree tooltips.
Basically, the ability to pre-place your army's formations when in field battles, similar to the ability to organize your army before a siege assault. Edit: This has been confirmed by Taleworlds for their future development priorities.

A feature from the 2016 demo, dev blogs, and the Steam store page. The player would be able to defeat a criminal gang in a backstreet, and take it over, creating their own gang there which engaged in an unspecified criminal business (black market? counterfeiting)? This business would be like a workshop, except with much higher profits, but the downside of increasing your criminal rating, and other gangs attacking to try and reclaim the backstreet.

A feature from Warband and dev blogs. Claimants existed in the game world who believed they should be the owner of an existing kingdom. They could recruit the player, and other nobles, and try to retake the kingdom for themselves, instantly starting a civil war with the current rulers of that kingdom and the nobles who remained loyal. Edit: This has been confirmed by Taleworlds for their future development priorities.

A Warband feature. If lords disliked you a lot, they could hire Assassins or Bandits to attack you by surprise when you entered town at night; you and your companions then had to defend yourselves. In taverns, you could also occasionally run into belligerent drunks, who would try to fight you. These surprise fights made it more interesting to visit towns and taverns, and increased the usage of town scenes. In Bannerlord they could make the player use civilian outfits while being surprise attacked, to make that game mechanic more useful.


This poll is just for major singleplayer features which were either a part of the series, or were shown by TW but are not confirmed yet. Banners and multiplayer custom servers aren't on here as TW has confirmed both these things will happen eventually.

Please keep in mind you can vote for your 3 (THREE) favourite options. The poll says 2 but I realized that's not enough choices.
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As usual a nice thread from you Five Bucks.

Criminal entreprise
Because it will give the player the option for another playstyle. My mod is all about this aspect of the game... Go fully rogue.

Would fit with the criminal feature as well.

Minor factions based
Because I don't really like the fact that they just pop-up from nowhere.
We need criminal enterprise the mod Spin made is good enough to be in the game it's criminal it isn't yet

Also Minors faction such as the brotherhood need bases I get they are mercs and they could just stay in towns but they are like homeless

Can we also get weekly wages back was better still makes no sense you pay no rent in towns
It would be very nice if the devs could pop in and let us know if they still plan on doing some of the things from the dev blogs and Warband. Been playing SP more recently and so far I'm impressed - its certainly coming along.
All of these would have to be implemented by now !


It's the first ****ing day of August 2021, everybody remember. :iamamoron: ?
Great post Five Bucks, I never got to play Warband so it's suprising to see actually the court system we discussed already implemented. That court system is #1 from your list for me. Maybe TW want to free the player to make these choices anywhere on the map though to make it bit more casual.

Like Terco said above all of these would be great to have honestly. Really want to see official TW development of the roleplaying side, even from a functionality side.

Just looking at these three mods that fill in three areas that seem to be sorely lacking attention right now. These are all large mods with a lot of detail and they help to bridge the gap from "paint the map battle simulator" to more strategic methodical RTS game which I think given it's potential, Bannerlord should really lean towards more in it's official development.

Huge much needed implementation of actual diplomacy which I struggle to understand why is not in the official game -
Some "Court system" functions packaged in a different kind of way -
We did recently get those "balanced/aggressive" stance changes to party control. But -

Would love to see more "peace time" activity fleshed out too but perhaps TW are already seeing these mods and thinking "why spend development time on "X" if they're recreating it already" (albeit smaller in scope in some cases) .

Criminal Enterprise -
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I would love civil wars, I mean we see the 3 empires that are in civil wars??? Claimant in warband was great, I always did it, it was a good challenge.

But I would love if all of these would be in game, with some improvements, added features and more options
All these features should be included in my view, even if we have to wait for a DLC or something else, but all of these are great features which should be added to the game. My favorite two features from that list:

- Feasts
- Civil Wars

This game needs more political options because late game is boring as hell.
All of them are important to some degree and it boggles my mind that 1.5 years into ea and we're still asking for so many features, many which were "touted" by TW, to actually be put in. I understand that TW might have to cut back features to avoid feature creep but cutting back all this stuff makes the game a shell of what it should and could be.
What I miss most is a very simple thing, not game changing but nice. That is companion interaction. I Felt my 8 companions were a team with personality.
What I miss most is a very simple thing, not game changing but nice. That is companion interaction. I Felt my 8 companions were a team with personality.
Yeah we all had our favorites, little things like them getting mad at each other or getting upset about raiding etc made them feel so much more alive. It's amazing how such a small thing can make a difference to a player. Companions in BL are there to lead an army, or act as governor, etc in other words any unnamed npc could do just as well. It's an idea that is completely lost on TW.
Kingdom Court and Minister: I really want to have the feeling of being a proper king where nobles would pledge themselves to you. It would also be nice to have the minister as a little bit of extra immersion.

Lord Duels: I wanna feel cool and be able to duel another lord for my honor.

Civil Wars: It would be really nice and somewhat important that if a Kingdom gets too big they run the risk of being split in two by a civil war, making it so that no one kingdom can dominate the map for too long.
Kingdom Court and Minister
Lord Duels
I want more depth more choices more interaction more engaging content. The game is so shallow even compared to Warband. It gets old quick when you realize how stupid the AI is and how easily you can manipulate it and conquer half the map in mere hours. I need something besides battles.
I think they should all be added too, but if you had to prioritize, which would it be?
MINOR FACTION BASES and all the features that can come with that. The possibility to recruit units and/or join them.
CRIMINAL BUSINESSES and all these gang characteristics, but not just gangs, it can enhance outlaw minor factions as well.

I crave gameplay with the minor factions. That would definitely bring me back into the game!
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