Where's the patch, TW.

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Already finished the new season lol. I am rewatching Game of Thrones. Already got to Season 6.
You could read the Last Kingdom book series, there are 16 books or something to that effect. Bernard Cornwell, he also has a few other series that are great and a few solo books such as Agincourt.
how come it doesnt say anything in Steam activity? Nothing since april 25th. Still says 1.3.0 too

The update download definitely came through for me earlier. Hotfixes to the beta branch are not published as widely as other changes to not confuse players who are on stable. As for the version, TW keeps the beta branch at 1.x.0 for the entirety of its lifespan. 1.x.1, 1.x.2, etc are saved for patches made after the beta moves to the stable branch.


That doesn't seem like the best way to show the game has been updated. Showing it in Steam activity would probably help. not everyone who bought the game comes to this board and not everyone who comes to this board checks that topic every day.
Seems like they fixed a few things but no mention of the lot-screen crash. I cant be the only person getting that?


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And that is your opinion. Care to provide the all powerful life lesson handbook that quotes this "fact." I disagree.
The burden of proof is absolutely on the accuser, i.e. the one making the claim. This is the basis of most judicial systems in the world. So yes, your "real world" does actually depend on this being factual.
15 years ago Armagan would be on the forums excited to tell us about hiring someone to do voices. 15 years later even his mods don't inform us of jack half the time. Times change man. TW grew and I can't say I've been fond of that.
We don't really sit higher on the juicy leak totem pole than you do. We might be told something a couple days in advance if it could cause a surge in activity (and thereby a surge in necessary moderator activity).

Since patch notes were put out, I'm going to go ahead and say this thread has outlived any usefulness it may have once had.
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