where to edit this in-game character image?

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I'm working on module system especially PW module, i see this in-game character image change cloth randomly.

So I would like to know where to edit this in module system then i can take a look and see what can I do in the future, such as let character show the cloth from name server database or force naked.

If anyone know, please advice.


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Thoose arent actually images. They are generated using stuff called "tableaus". You  have some operations in "header_operations" used to manipulate this. Thats all I know on this topic sadly.  :???:
It basically spawns an object or character using some parameters like lighting and camera angle, then creates an image at runtime. Banners are created like this. You may have to copy/study some of the code because rhe method isn't intuitive.


I did create a new tableau checking the gender of the current profile, getting the face key and adding the required meshes on it.
Then I created a create_overlay_from_mesh presentation on join screen to display the character.
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