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Where did you get your name?

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Just adopted a new one for ingame. Robert Dalrymple, he was a captain in the 3rd Foot Guards who died at Talavera.
Always think of William Dalrymple when I see that particular surname. Just don't start writing about Asia or I might get overly confused.
To the Smartypantz above me: Your ingame name... xD

As for my Name, GERSillySausage, I am a huge fan and distinguished member of this community, and I personally decided to bear this rather stupid username for recognition and entertainment. I came up with it when I was banned in another game by name tag, and I had to think of something else then my previous names... this is the result.
My name comes from an Ashens video in which he christens a revolting piece of candy in the shape of a jovial easter bunny "Lance Corporal Fozzington". I, however, prefer the sound of Captain. It reminds me of this guy:

Me and my friend were on the first Mount and Blade at his house. I called our character "Metalhead" but then as Warband came out he stole it from me  :evil:
Since we are friends I thought, meh Metalfist will do  :razz:
Well my real name is Dominick and when I first got the game i was 13  so u know Dom13 :grin:  and btw I am now 14  :lol:
Gator is from The Other Guys.

"Gator don't play no ****! You hear me?! You feel me?! Gator never been about playin no ****"

"Gator needs his gat you punk ass *****"

"Gator's *****es better be wearin jimmies!"
Roran from Christopher Paolinni's books, Hawkins because I was creating a character in Guild Wars who would have a Hawk as a pet. It stayed.

Roran 13 (13 was my lucky number)
Docm30 said:
TheFlyingFishey said:
The Odyssey isn't boring D:

For stupid people it is.
Hey, I got great marks without even reading the book. I consider it a win.
But it is pretty boring, I much prefer Shakespeare when it comes to old literature.
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