Where are the old itens?

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Hi guys, first of all, thats the best mod I've ever played, I really apreciate the work.

  But now, well, I just downloaded the last version after a long time playing an old version of it (not going to remember the number, but its kinda old). The first thing I  noticed was a huge diference in the mod's size, the old one was like 7,5g, and this new its 2,2g, why that?
  Second thing I noticed is that we lost a lot of cool itens we had in the past, lots of armors, shields and helmets (i heally miss the great helmets =( ). What I weanna know is that, is this really right? If its right, is there a way I can put those itens back in the game?

  yes you can always add your custom items privided that you have the files.

  Items like weapons and armor...if you have the .brf(model) and the dds (texture) you can  put them back in the game file and add the item codes in the item_kinds1.txt

.brf goes to Resource file,
dds goes to texture file,
in module.ini add line load_mod_resource = (name of .brf)
and make sure you write the right code for the items.
you can add as much items ad you like.
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