When will the mercenary unit tree be revised or improve their presence in the taverns?

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I like to hire a lot of tavern mercenaries, but I find the units a bit weak and poorly equipped. Base unit is tier 2, but does not have a shield like tier 2 faction units. Why?
It would be necessary to have a variant with an Arc. As well as increase the probability of meeting with tier 2 or use the innkeeper as an intermediary to choose the mercenary who will be present at the tavern 24 hours later.


They only have one potential set of equipment each, so they all literally look the same and have no unique equipment.

I used resources from the Hellenic Panopoly and Eagle Rising mods to turn mine into a hoplite line, they look dope.


I also modify the game files, therefore without mod, to change their equipment with items already existing in the game but sold only to the player. I just give them equivalents to their vanillia equipment.

For example the watchman, I add the worst shield (health: 175) and pebbles to throw, as well as a leather hood (head armor: 6) and leather gand (arm armor: 4). He looks more like a tier 2 warrior.
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