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Resolved When throwing pila shield sheaths

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Summary: When you throw a pila or throwing spear (one of those massive long hard ones hmm, those which like to come from behind?) and you do it while holding a shield it sheaths. Annoying AF and get's me killed plenty of times, multiple people have this issue.
How to Reproduce: Hold a long big schlong in your right hand and a plank in your left, throw the big schlong and your plank will be teleported to your back.
Scene Name (if related):
Media (Screenshots & Video): I do have video's but shouldn't be necessary, happened 80% of the time in Siege, Skirmish and Duel.
Computer Specs: Irrelevant
OS: Win10
GPU: 5700XT
GPU Driver Version: No clue, it ain't a graphic issue
CPU: 3700XT
Motherboard: A black one
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): NVMe SSD Intel 2TB 660p


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Callum told me to report the bug here but since Horatius already posted it, i will just second his post to give it more credibility. Yes, this bug is real.


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This doesn't occur if you have another ranged weapon (e.g small javs) with ammo currently in your inventory, I suspect the bug is therefore the game automatically switching your weapon when throwing the spear/pilum, but since there is no other ammo to switch to, it goes to "equip" your shield (and so unequips it).

The game deciding that you wanted to straight away equip something else was always odd with throwing weapons and now it has this bug.

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Community Support
Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!


I cant believe a simple bug like this is still in the game after more than a week. Fix this already this bug is a pain in the ass in skirmish.


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I guess this was the best attempt to break throwing spear meta. I think it worked quite well, throwing spears are now extinct species.


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This is also happening for me, I will randomly sheath my shield when switching weapons, I'm sure it's related to this bug and it's gotten me killed countless times at this point, the bug has been around for near a month now, wanna do something about it?


It is also happening to me and is annoying as ****. WHEN IM ACTUALLY ABLE TO PLAY.
Mabons be praised
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