When leading an army, lords should inform you of their needs

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For example, if one of my lords feels understaffed he should bring a dialogue up to request a visit to villages for recruits, or if another of my lords is short on food he should request a visit to town to stock up. Similarly to that, you should be able to "gift" your lords these things in the dialogue options. Successfully fulfilling these requests (Be it the visit or the gifting) should grant a small relation boost as you've taken their needs into account while ignoring them for long enough should result in them deserting from your army and a small relation penalty.

Firstly this is great for clarity since your army can tell you if they feel understaffed or underfed instead of watching them rapidly decline in numbers. But this also provides another way to gain small amounts of relation in the late game when the major source of relation is releasing lords post battle, and it offers you a more interesting dynamic while leading armies since you can spend your influence in time appeasing the lords in your army or strike against a wounded enemy/settlement while the iron is hot by ignoring your lords.
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