When do you plan to release a HOTFİX?

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The multiplayer part is dying..
You couldn't solve stuttering problems..
especially in siege, skirmish or private servers there are serious problems
The game is now unplayable!
Take a look at the threads on the forum.. trouble is gushing out on all sides..
Single player part is not the future of this game!
You don't give the required value to the multiplayer part..
Find solutions to people's problems here
For two and a half years a group of people have been patient just to play the right game
if money is the problem, open a support topic I will be the first to support.. and I will do whatever it takes to find support
two and a half years is not a little time.. a lot of people gave up on you and shelved this game
Now it's time to solve

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This is not a bug report. Please don't use the technical support section for these posts. Thank you. Moved the topic out of the said board
You lost the veterans after we held on for 2 years, hoping it will get better someday. You finally killed it good, congrats.
With chivalry coming to steam, I really don't see a reason to try to hold on to bannerlord anymore.




Stuttering or whatever the correct term is has made the game almost completely unplayable for me since 1.7.2. You should never ever have a broken game available to players and this game has been in a state of shambles since release. There is a very fun game in here. Why why why won't you just tell people what's going on, what you're doing, or at least just answer simple questions? Getting any communication from this company is squeezing blood from a stone. It's a genuine disgrace, so much untapped potential being pissed away.

You guys are just damn lucky there aren't any really similar games to this one.


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We have just pushed out a hotfix aimed at addressing the stuttering issue. Please let us know if the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.


Kekemelik sorununu çözmeyi amaçlayan bir düzeltmeyi yayınladık. Lütfen sorunun çözülüp çözülmediğini bize bildirin. Sabrınız için teşekkürler.
Thank you for your interest but the problem persists I'm not the only one saying this you can see this in many threads on the forum.


just finished playing some minutes ago, NA, TDM some 50 players and no stutter. so it's not dead, dead

but the fun ended when the server crashed.

so FIX the crashes!
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