When did you buy Mount And Blade

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I got it around the time I registered, roughly September 2009. Hell even earlier actually I recall that I played the original in 2008.
Summer 2008. Was the first time I heard about 'indie-games' and checked that out. I ended with buying V0.960 (if I am correct).
Around the end of June, in 2005. I even found a post of mine on the 23rd where I said I was going to buy it within a week. I was a hyperactive git back then. :roll:
I bought it just after the .96 release, after falling in love with the demo of the release just prior to that.
A few weeks before the game was officially released, allowing me to briefly experience the magic of beta music. Which was stock music, unless I'm mistaken. It still sounded nice.
must be 2006 I think. Back when there was a gun in Zendar chest, which was in the 0.731-0.751 era :razz:
.6 something, I think. When dinosaurs and Dark Knights roamed the Earth. Ok, maybe just Dark Knights.
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