When did you buy Mount And Blade

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So when did you guys buy the original game? I rember buying the game straight after a video I watched which came out on Jan 6, 2007. WOW!  :oops:

I couldn't tell you the exact day, but sometime mid-late 2009 based on my first forum post that was requesting tech support for the lack of DX9 support on the integrated card I used at the time.
2007 or 2008 I think. I am old enough to remember Naridill, and catch the ending ripples of someone called Juno who was possibly the first duper trouble maker.
Oh I don't know. Back when there was a flintlock pistol in Zendar. I have no idea how long ago that was or even which version.
Early 2007. I played for roughly a year and a half, and had fun. I then lost/forgot about M&B until early this year, when I purchased M&B: warband on steam and remembered how awesome M&B is, at which point I went ahead and bought the rest of the games in the series.
Spring 2005. Beta 0.622. Good times.

Me in some thread in 2009 said:
First version I played was .622. What was different(in no particular order):

-No snow or steppe
-Zendar. Zendar was a neutral city you started in and it's purpose was to get you to know the basics of the game.
-Every city(except Zendar) were just menus.
-Only one arena, the one in Zendar.
-Battle terrains didn't have anything to do with your location on the travelmap
-Battle terrains were mostly horribly unnatural(insanely pointy, fingerlike mountains sticking out of nowhere etc.) They were really small, too.
-Everything was slower. Even if you play with the slow settings in 1.011, playing .62 still feels about as fast as walking in a tar pit with concrete boots. Trying to ride a lame horse makes me insane.
-Serious ****ing inflation in Calradia(what costs 1000 now cost 10,000 back then)
-Strange gore. Hitting someone in the head with a javelin resulted in a 15m spurt of blood(that caused an FPS spike on older systmes,) no blood on weapons or clothing
-Absolutely no control over attack direction when on foot
-Infantry couldn't be knocked down by horses.
-Troops didn't know the line formation. They ran around in disorganized mobs like ducks towards pieces of bread.
-Awful animations. They were extremely wonky, awkward and unnatural.
-Different sounds. Troops didn't scream and roar and throw insults as they do now.
-Troop slots. Player could have a limited number of different kinds of troops with him. The number of slots was decided by leadership skill. If your leadeship skill was 2 and you had Marnid and Borcha with you, you could only have two different kind of troops with you.

-Couldn't take over enemy towns.
-Different quests, such as "we need new powerful weapons to turn the tide of this war. Bring me five sickles!" or "We need some experienced high quality troops to turn the tide of this war. Bring me two Vaegir peasants!" - if you were lucky. Being told to buy 8 warhorses was quite a pain in the ass.

-More bandit parties: Dark Hunters(level 20 something cavalry, often with the best armor & weapons you could find), Black Khergit Raiders(much the same as Khergits are now,) Vaegir and Swadian deserters(parties consist only of Vaegir veterans or Swadian crossbowmen)

-Only heroes were Borcha(who you had to get out of prison) and Marnid(who required a padded cloth before you could recruit him. No other armor would do.)
-No Nords, Rhodoks or Khergits. Just Vaegirs and Swadians.
-No castles.
-No villages(you recruited troops from taverns)
-No renown.
-Dhorak Keep. When you entered it, the game mentioned something about a bandit castle. The castle itself was a room with (baron)Rolf in it who wouldn't do anything else than tell you his level.
-Different, more cartoonish skins, less face tweaking options, uglier hair.
-Less equipement, bastard sword only two handed.
-Graphics and performance were worse. No grass or AA or LOD or even pixel shaders
-Overall less polished feeling.
-Registering the game was cheaper  :wink:
Version 0.81 or something I think - 2007/8? Can't remember the date but I do clearly remember ranting at a work colleague for about 5 minutes about how awesome it was (poor fellow). Was back when you could stand on a wall with a 2-handed axe and just hack the AI down because they were trying to get past you rather than fight you - sieges would last 5 minutes and at the end your avatar consisted of red. You could hold a castle on your own without any troops (as I did several times).
December 22nd 2005. Would've bought sooner if .6xx hadn't refused to start due to incompatible gfx card. :razz:
April 2007. I saw a reference to M&B on the Total War forums during the build up to Medieval 2 I think. If I remember rightly the reference wasn't even complimentary, but the description had me intrigued so I searched for it, and soon after trying it out for free I bought it.
May 2005. The asking price was a dime and a half eaten candy bar if I remember correctly. Haggled it down to a dime.
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