When can u play duel mode

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How dense are you?

TW never gives a release date, more than a soon you will not get. This question has been asked 23 times now and every time a dev said soon and they don't know.
The most focus has been put on bugfixes the last few weeks as there were a lot. 1.6 maybe but it is just a rough guess.


First they have to collect info about mp stability and balance from official servers for a decade or two, to ensure perfect MLG esport conditions for the 10 people left in the competetive scene.
im sad they havent released it yet,

i had a friend i wanted to recommend the game too , but there isn't a single life mode yet and TDM and siege just get boring after a while,

he showed me HoldFast:

a bad napoleonic warfare spin off and there was 150 people on it

i simply cannot ask him to come to this game, even though its vastly superior quality wise, bc it still needs just a little more perfecting, or custom servers release etc
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