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What's your favorite weapon loadout?

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Von Draxis

I'm curious, what is everyone using for weapons? I'm particularly interested in what ranged weapons people like. I have tried pistols, but find them too inaccurate at range and I dislike that I can't reload a carbine while moving on horseback. I figure pistol accuracy and musket reload time will increase with skill level, but what skill level do you all have and what weapons do you prefer?
Carbines (even the rifled one) can be reloaded on horse. Sure the animation is screwed up, but it still works.
I wear two dueling pistols and a trusty sabre or sword. Muskets are for lowly soldiers.
And so you can reload carbines on the run! That's nice. I just wish there was one that reloaded a bit faster. I have a rifled carbine which has accuracy of 100 and a reload of 40 as well as a m1777 which has accuracy of 55 and a reload of 65. The problem is that they are so much slower than the pistols, but the pistols are useless at anything farther than spitting distance. I like the idea of the double barreled pistol, but you basically need to be touching the target. Might try playing with those again and trying to get in very close. The dueling pistols have been somewhat underwhelming, but I guess I need more skill my pistol skill is only 150 as is my musket skill. What should I aim for before these become more impressive weapons?
I would love to have the Nock volley gun, but unfortunately the latest warband update no longer works with the shotgun code
-Hunting Musquet

-Musquet cartridges


-Light cavalry sabre

I always have a pistol with only one shot for the just-in-case moments.
-Double Barrel pistol with two ammo

-Some balanced sabre with good reach

its good combination on horseback
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