whats your favorite "tool" in AI mesh editing?

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Do you like subdivide? wield? fill? or is it something else you love that makes your work with the AI make a childs play?

let us know. Please explain why too :grin:

I'll start, mine is weald (the one where you make two vertices become one)
I love it because it gives me the opportunity to make the mesh in a chaotic way, and then attach all the pieces, making it into one perfect mesh.  :mrgreen:


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The function where I divide and thus create new mesh points (forgot the name).
When I do precise work (like stairs in a tower) a new plate is sometimes too much and it is easier to create new points with it and push these around.
Weald gets second place as I use it to create larger plates for paths.
I think its called subdivide, and yes, its really good. Especially when your making the mesh inside a tower or gatehouse, and have to extrude and subdivide all the way to make it into all the nooks and corners.
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