What's TW's excuse for not bringing Back custom Troop Formations ???

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Used to be a big fan of M&B and Bannerlord. I stopped playing when in version 1.5.X Taleworlds removed the custom troop formations, I really wonder where this strange idea came from...

Then I saw than the final release was out...Thought I'd give it a go.

First disappointment : Custom Troop Formation is not in the final release (despite everyone in the community apparently asking for it).

Second disappointment : There is a now a "dynamic" troop assignment system that (despite being a possible good idea battlewise) is completely non sensical ( ie: some mounted companions show up in the infantry formation, the system of preferences which replaced custom troops works even less than before, troops break you formations preferences at the first occasion, etc.)

The game is still awesome in some aspects and performance has been improved (though I suspect that hiring a bunch of even better coders could still improve that, whatever your computer and settings the game still uses 100% of your ressources :mrgreen:

So final question : WHY don't you offer us the amazing Custom Troop Formation in the final release ? I want to choose who goes where and does what, is that so complicated ???
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