what's the point of the Dragon Banner?

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So I made a new game with the intent of doing the main quest instead of just ignoring it. I wanted to try it out, see if there had been any changes since the last time I did the main quest over a year ago. To my surprise hardly anything had change at all! What was worse was the fact that I decided made my own kingdom instead of joining a faction and give the banner to their leader. I thought that since I kept the banner for myself it would be easier to convince other clans to join my kingdom, maybe by having an option to "show Dragon Banner" and that will increase the chance of them joining my faction.
But no, instead it just sits in my inventory doing nothing. This is the banner that "whoever wields will rule Calradia" yet it doesn't do anything except made the game more difficult; I can't show it, I can't wield it in battle, it doesn't give any buffs in moral or party size, and you can't even get ***king rid of it. it's just there as wasted potential, totally disconnected from the rest of the story.
Perhaps the banner could have added a dynamic to the game where if you go to Istiana (the Imperial rout) it would make convincing imperial clans easier and cheaper, but also make non-Imperial clans harder and more expensive. The opposite would of course be true if you join Arzagos (the anti-Imperial rout). I just wished TW would start doing something about the main quest.



I just wished TW would start doing something about the main quest.
Yeah no kidding.

Some of the later portions have been developed (there's conspiracy quests, but they are really annoying and tedious to complete). I tried to do something similar. But because I didn't unite most of the Empire before letting Conspiracy reacing 2000, I'm basically screwed now. Stuck in a war with the Khuzaits, Aserai, and Vlandians - all of which are about 9000 strong. I can't make peace or ally with anyone else. Trying to focus on the Vlandians, but because I can't really issue any Army orders, any time I make any progress the Aserai come along and mess things up.

I agree the Dragon Banner should make it easier to convertLords. Make it like an automatic 100% Persuasion Check in the conversion attempts (basically an assist for converting).

I also think the Dragon Banner should be like an equip-able item that prevents your Troops from routing in battle, as long as you can keep it raised (i.e. not die yourself). Also if you do lose I think it should be possible for said victorious Lord to steal it from you.

That would add an interesting dynamic in Ironman mode where you have to re-claim the Dragon Banner. It'd be very similar in concept to the Eagle Standard of Roman Legions. Losing that was a huge no-no for Legion since they put a lot of value/self-worth in that standard.

But yeah the virtual non-development of the main quest is disappointing, especially after all this time. Honestly thinking it should just be removed or made more of a side quest. I mean other then providing some world lore, the main quest does nothing for the player but add chores. Doesn't teach you anything, no interesting dialogue or character developments, just a big waste of time.


Taleworld might have something planned , One of the dragon banners quest npcs got voiced in a recent patch. I do agree the main quest feels shallow ,might need a rework. I think some of the major battles should be scripted like for example the fall of the khuzaits and rise of the khergits , you know , add Warband lore into the game and make it happen in real time during the progress of the main quest. We can see the Calradia of Warband Unfold by events happening in Bannerlords main quest.


At the moment, it looks like it doesn't do much.

It seems like there are plans to add more, but they are on the lower end of the priority list.

That banner should have at least some symbolic value. Maybe some morale buffs and enemy debuffs. Maybe the enemy should try to send people to try to capture it undercover.

We do need this part of the game to be completed to draw conclusions.

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I think it's a clunky, tedious roleplaying mechanic that doesn't belong and would happily mod out the entire main quest.


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Opinions on quality of the quest aside (no it's not great, but it's not like it hampers the game either), I'd like to point that the value of the banner is entirely based on its relationship with the Calradic Empire itself. It has enormous symbolic FOR or AGAINST the Empire, but it seems logical that it doesn't do anything for someone who is making a different kingdom on the side.

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@Bluko88 Don't feel bad. I started the quest, became High King of Vlandia after that bastard Derthert died and reached a stalemate once I conquered 1/3 of Calradia. It wasn't until my armies reached around 45k-50k strong that I am now able to start pushing my foes into the ocean.

Joe Friday

What I didn't like was the fact I was not allowed to give it to myself once I took over Bastard Derthert's kingdom.
Hmm I kind of understand the thing with the buffs and debuffs. We have them at the start too when we choose a faction. Also the Charakter progression is in the end a thing of which buff I take and which I will lose of it. If TW plans to go that way, than also the banner should get some. Maybe also named horses and weapons.

At all they shouldn't give away powerfull buffs (like +300 partysize lol) but hard to archieve/find to get more immersion(maybe some ruins 😜).
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