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So apparently my 9-10 year-old gaming PC is getting too old to play today's games. Which makes sense, but in a way it's still a little sad. I've spent thousands of hours on this thing: I don't want to know how many. And it still works wonderfully. To buy another one now would seem frivolous when I don't play games very much anymore, and I'm not making a lot of money, and I'm considering making a major investment into the family business this year. But, I also need hobbies: I need to do more than obsess about work 24/7. So a new PC might be worth it when you look at it that way. Oh well. More decisions to make, and hours to spend screwing around setting up a new PC if I do decide to get one. Yay...
Often with such old PCs a simple graphics card upgrade can breathe a little more life into it.
You can also turn to mobile games on your phone, but you're probably yearning for the latest, 'bigger' games.
The older you get the less you play. So you can also just let time run its course. Soon 'fun' is that annoying thing young people have.
Mount and Blade: Warband I don't think is considered a new game anymore, you should be able to get a relatively cheap pc that can play it tbh.
If you do go the route of a new computer, get something that fulfills multiple needs like a laptop. You'll feel better about it knowing that even if you aren't gaming much, it still has value in other parts of your life.
Nobody plays new games anyway. There have been so many insane flops recently especially in strategy that have far lower playcounts than predecessors. I think even NVidia have realised this and they've pivoted to AI. Don't waste money on a new PC when there are a billion free or cheap games to play.

On that note I've recently been kind of addicted to http://konkr.io/ which is a polished ripoff of an old DOS game called Slay.
I just bought a new gaming PC. Well. Not every day you get to say that. Am I going to kick myself later for spending the money? Yes. But I was probably going to kick myself no matter what I did (or didn't do), and I think I'm getting good value for the money, so...

edit: ****, to think that when I joined this forum, I was 14, and I'd just convinced my parents to (reluctantly) buy me my first "gaming" PC: A HP Pavilion DV7 17" laptop. It was not a good gaming machine, but boy did I spend a lot of hours on it. And now I've just bought the successor to its successor. Boy, so much has happened since then.
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