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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord project apparently began in 2011, and since then, a lot has happened. So I thought I would list some interesting things that have happened since the beginning of development.

To scratch the surface:

  • The M&B series has sold over 7 millions copies. Warband has been released on consoles and become an eSport. Fallout 4 was underwhelming and 76 was ****. Skyrim has been released about 5 times, Paradox has released 3 games and what feels like hundreds of DLC.
  • The global population has grown by over 600 million.
  • Leicester City won the English Premier League, The All Blacks have won 2 Rugby WC and drew a Lions Tour. Spain and Germany have gone from really good to not so good at football, England made the semi-finals of WC, and Croatia made the final! 
  • There have been at least 15 Marvel movies released.
  • A new generation of consoles has been released. 
  • The next ASOIAF book 'Winds of Winter' still hasn't been completed, yet the final season of the TV show is due out next year.
  • Australia has had 5 Prime Ministers. Donald Trump won the US election & Brexit seems like it's happening but maybe not?

I thought it might be interesting to hear from the community what they've done, aside from sit on the forums and play M&B, or what other events have occurred during the past 7 years that they think are interesting.


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Now I will do a list of Bannerlord related things from memory.

Announced 2012.
Remade the engine apparently, maybe more than once.
They've gone to E3 and Gamescom a few times, as well as PC Gamer.
Frank "left" Taleworlds and Callum became community manager.
Their hopeful (but never promised!) release windows were missed twice.
World map was redone.
Many new additions were made, such as new skill system, Ruwa, the list goes on and on with wonderful things.
A new community team member is to join TW this new year. According to callum https://steamcommunity.com/app/261550/discussions/0/1743353164079829735/ (third comment from bottom)
Since 2011? In 2011 I turned 21 so life got pretty crazy at that point. Lots of drugs, lots of death metal shows (attended and performed), jumped into the Death Korps of Krieg financial trap, read a ton of books, went back to school and got my AA and working on my Bachelors, got married, and experienced my first earthquake (Anchorage, Alaska) ... Its been a wild 7 years since 2011.
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