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I am playing as a common mercenary soldier, named Lombard, in Kingdom of Swadia. I use battlesizer for most great effect. I also use Diplomacy mod. I've also kept the damage on Normal, both for me and my allies.

I recently built up some money from the loot I find in the army, though other lords also take share from it. I hired companion named Firentis, and armed him with whatever I could find unused in my inventory.

Day 450,
              We are travelling with our fellow lords to break the siege of Dhirim. As the scouts have reported, a huge Nord army is gathered up there. I am heavily armed, and my fellow Firentis is averagely armed. I am feeling secure in our army.

Day 453,
              I reached Dhirim with my army. Nords have been starving the population from a month, and Count Beranz is trapped inside the walls, with his half army dying from lack of food. Although he is helping us, he will take hits too quickly.
The great battle starts!!

I was forming the line with other soldiers, and Firentis has joined by my side. Nordic archers were raining arrows on us, but were beaten back by our Crossbow lines. Suddenly, an arrow appeared and hit Firentis in his head! He was knocked unconscious. :mad:

2 mins later: We were close enough to the Nords to charge, and we did it. We charged, and I was in the utmost front. Again, instead of arrow, a Jarid flew through our lines and targeted me. Fortunately, I have a heater shield, so I blocked immediately. Sometimes after, I was in hand to hand combat with a lord, who was King Ragnar. He slashed his sword two times on me, and broke my shield. I had to fight with my sword only, but he was dealing too much speedy blows for me to manage. I got a slash in my chest, and I lost my nerve and tried to flee to my own lines, but I was stopped by an archer, whom I killed right away on the spot, raging with anger. Suddenly, I saw a dead Nord, and picked up his shield. I was safe from initial arrow raining. :smile:

8 mins later: I was really exhausted, with only a single spear in my hand. My health was 1% left, and I was dying in the battlefield. Although we were winning, we had lost many of our elite troops. Reinforcements were arrived, both of us and our enemy, Nords. Suddenly a Huscarl went behind our lines, and charged at me. I was instilled with fear, and I was right. I tried to block his blows, but he attacked with a heavy two-handed axe and gave a last pain to me in this battle. I was unconcious, and I had to leave the battle. :sad:

While the battle was raging on, I was resting nearby in Dhirim. We were fully rested and healed. Now it was time to join the battle again. I fought cautiously this time. When I was in the middle of the chaos, I saw King Ragnar coming towards me on a horse. I picked up the nearby Jared, and shot on him. I hit him with a spear, and then he was UNCONSCIOUS!! I could not believe that I had hitted a King, A KING!!! :twisted:

After half-an-hour, I was finally victorious, and all Nords fled the field. I took the best goods in Loot and filled my inventory with food.

This was the greatest battle I've ever fought, and we lost many men, but we finally won the battle.
Been having great fun as a cataphract archer leading an all-foot warband - about two thirds archers (mostly Vaegirs, some Sarranids) and the rest infantry (mix of Vaegir, Swadian and Nord). It was very hard at first, but I'm now seeing how awesome mounted archery is in the late game. I'm at lvl 24, with a 70-man warband. I have resisted joining a faction up till now (day ~160), been hunting taiga bandit and sea raider parties mostly. I ramped up the bandit size limits so that they're not pushovers outside the early game, but I think I'm beginning to outgrow the bandits - I haven't taken a single casualty in weeks. So now I'm hunting for a weakly-defended castle in a  defensible position so that I can take as an independent and then pledge myself to Yaroglek. Otherwise he keeps offering crappy border villages that already belong to another lord.
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