What would your view of America be if it isolated itself after WWII?

Would your view of the USA change if it politcally and militarily isolated itself after WWII?

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  • I would likely think worse of it.

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Uhtred Ragnarson

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Archonsod said:
Uhtred Ragnarson said:
They didn't manage very well at times  :mrgreen: hence the Lusitana, a passenger ship that was sunk while smuggling arms to Britain. The US cried foul that the Germans sunk the boat, while neglecting to tell the public that it was running war material...
"She had aboard 4,200 cases of cartridges, but they were cartridges for small arms, packed in separate cases... they certainly do not come under the classification of ammunition. The United States authorities would not permit us to carry ammunition, classified as such by the military authorities, on a passenger liner. For years we have been sending small-arms cartridges abroad on the Lusitania."
—New York Times, 10 May 1915

It wasn't sunk while smuggling anything, the cargo was listed on it's manifest before it left port. The reason for the controversy had nothing to do with what she was carrying, attacking civilian shipping was and still is perfectly legal under the naval articles of war. The controversy arose because the articles specified that preceding such an attack, the commander of the attacking vessel was to announce his attention to the target and give time for the civilians and crew to abandon the ship, which the captain of U-20 failed to do.
Germany maintained that the auxilliary cruiser class were military vessels and as such no warning was needed (Lusitania carried deck gun mounts, but the guns weren't fitted). The British and US position was that as she was unarmed she could not be classed as a warship.

Tiberius Decimus Maximus said:
Ah, so the German merchant fleet takes the materiels? That still runs into the same problem, but I'm probably being very thick right now, so excuse me.
Germany had to make her own arrangements for delivery, which would usually involve chartering her own ships to do so. To bypass the blockade however they chartered the ships from a neutral nation to ship the supplies to a neutral port, then transported them overland.
The problem isn't getting them delivered, it's that the costs rapidly spiral upwards since every country that handles them wants a slice of the pie.

That quote really doesn't matter because it still says that the US was running war material to Britain...  :???:


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Pharaoh Llandy said:
I think the rest of the world sees America thus:

He's like a big, loud college student with no Geography skills whatsoever. He arrives at your house in his huge SUV and parks it badly, half on the pavement, half on the road. He comes stomping across your nice lawn, trampling your flowers and knocking over your gnomes. He then proceeds to come into your house whether invited or not, eat all your food (complaining about how bad it tastes), drink your booze, put his feet up on the table and give you his opinion about everything. He gets easily confused, and when you don't agree with him enough he invites his 3 friends over and they turn up with their guns and proceed to blow the **** out of your garden gnomes because one of them looked at you askance, another looks a bit gay, and another was wearing suspicious headgear whilst carring a fishing rod which may or may not have been a weapon of mass destruction in disguise.

And then his friends leave, your home's ruined, Britney Spears is playing on your cd player, and he wonders why people never tell him when they're having a party.

lmfao. I love taleworlds forum boards
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