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What would you do if...

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Kill them and rip their limbs off placing them on the ground spelling the word DOUCHEBAGS.

What would you do if you could control rain?
Id make it rain inside Justin Bieber's house, drowning him.

What would you do if your leg suddenly fell off? (Assuming you start bleeding to death)
stick it back on again.

What would you do if you were sent back to year 1 (first grade?)
Have a ****ing awesome time. Primary school was awesome.

What would you do if you woke up dead yesterday?
I'd get one as a pet and use it for transport too.

What would you do if a strange blue portal opened only for a few secs in the middle of your room?
Depending on mood, (and whether I was actually there at the time :razz:). Either jump in, or throw something rancid I found on the floor in to give a bad impression of our dimension.

What would you do if you were pyrokinetic?
I'd promply shut the door

If, when attempting to make a transportation machine, accidently create a replicator, kill your clone?
Replicate £20 pound notes  :grin:

What would you do if Nazi ninjas broke into your house and started attacking you with numchucks ?
I'd divide by zero and embark into the warp.

What would you do if no three positive integers a, b, and c can prove the equation an + bn = cn, for any integer n, whose value is greater than 2?
Marvel at your multitasking ability.

What would you do if the Queen of England asked you for a quickie?
I respectfully decline...


What would you do if you ran out of vodka?
Drink Islay single malt like a real man.

What would you do if a very large, angry moose made your backyard it's territory?
Moose for dinner.

What would you do if the Jersey Devil suddenly turned out to be real, and in your living room?
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