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So, the general consensus on the forum appears to be that blunt is the superior damage type. However, the best one handed blunt weapon i found only deals 32 damage, with both its reach and speed around 80, while cutting one-handers can go as far as 50. Is it still preferable to use the blunt one, or is there some place where i can find a better weapon?

Also, does anyone know what is the exact penalty for using a 1handed/2handed weapon in one hand? Would some of those be preferable?


Best are swords, Scorpion for onehanded but it's hard to find in the latest version, Assassins sword is second after that one. Best 1/2 and 2h is Skyfall.


My fav is the kaikoth warhammer. Crush through block, blunt, short, fast. If I want longer weapon reach I use a 2h sword like skyfall or elm-sword or something.

General blunt/pierce weapon are pretty decent here, since there are lots of high armor in Perisno, and many elite units wear them all around. So ideally you would want your army to use those because they don't require a lot of proficiency to stun/damage through the enemies. If your proficiency/damage level is high enough as a player, you can ignore them and go cutting with swords.

Piercing 1h are actually better here because the 1h blunt are all weak tiers. The blunt weapons here that are viable are all 2h needed. The penalty for 1/2h weapons is 15% on damage and its speed (from what people says, unless Perisno changed the modifiers). Unless you're riding on a horse, or taking out super weak units, or just for capturing prisoners, there's no good option for using 1/2h blunt on one hand, because as said, there's no good blunt weapons for 1h wielding.

The consensus is that blunt > pierce > cutting is only base on the issue of penetrating armor, and not on weapon designs. For Perisno, I would say the scale tilts more in piercing weapons because there are a lot of strong piercing weapons. Cutting weapons, of course, still has higher
weapon damage numbers.
Never really gotten into using blunts myself, its not even 100% chance to knock out with a blunt in this mod and the slowness and short reach make them a pain to use on horseback. Currently I am galloping around on a fast horse using a top tier spear with a shield and I am finding it as effective as a similar build in Brytenwalda/ VC. I can even take on heavily armored troops easily enough when used with something ranged.
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