What TV series are you watching?

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I searched and didn't find such a thread, so I maked it. Yes, maked it.

I started watching Quantum Leap yesterday, while accidentally meaning to watch Journeyman. It's actually pretty good, and even has 5 seasons, as opposed to Journeyman's 1.

ps. If someone has already maked this thread, please break it to me gently.


Currently following Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead, Dexter and Sons Of Anarchy. All end before christmas, no idea what I'll watch then.

Currently also rewatching Band of Brothers and Generation Kill.


Currently plowing my way through SG-1, at the last episode of season 3 currently. And I've also got three episodes of Rome left and some Blackadder Episodes.
After those are done I've got Suits season 2 laying about. After I'm done with that I'm sure Spartacus' Final Season has come out and perhaps GoT. Incase that isn't the case though I need to get my hands on Firefly.


Also going through SG-1. But I am also watching The Shield, Castle, and The Mentalist. I'm also rewatching X-Files  and Babylon 5.


SG-1 is great.

Currently going through Mythbusters and will start Scrubs once I finish all my schoolwork.

In addition to the copious amounts of animu I watch obviously.


Master Knight
Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who (old series), and Adventure Time.
Supernatural. A friend at work gave me seasons 1-5 to watch. I love anything paranormal related, and this is sorta reminding me of a cross between X-Files, First Wave and Sanctuary.

Mmm Jenson Ackles.


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Avoid 'Fringe'. I watched almost 2 seasons hoping it would get better. It didn't.

Bored To Death (3 seasons by now).

I did watch the first few episodes of Fringe, back when I watched a small amount of TV, and the premise seemed good, but I started getting busy and I think I had some hobby to attend on the night Fringe aired, so I stopped watching. Plus, I hear that it got all parallel universey and rather silly. I did watch the first season of Sanctuary which was fairly interesting (addition of Chris Heyerdahl to pretty much anything improves it by 100%) but haven't watched anything beyond that. I really like the 'road trip' element of Supernatural though, it really reminds me of First Way.
Scully said:
Supernatural is good for the first 2 seasons. Then you should just stop watching.

No, I think I'll keep watching. At the very least the show has some good eye-candy. Besides, I think my opinion on what is 'good' tends to differ from the majority. For example, I hear a lot of people like Blade Runner; what a piece of crap that was.
Blade Runner completely missed the entire point of the book. Philip K **** must be rolling in his grave.

Anyway, Supernatural; they killed off Sebastian Spence after just 2 episodes. Totally gutted  ;__;
Adorno said:
Pharaoh Llandy said:
For example, I hear a lot of people like Blade Runner; what a piece of crap that was.
Ridley Scott's masterpiece from 1982?  :shock:

Yes, I was totally disappointed. I was expecting to watch the film version of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Fortunately, my faith in the movie industry's ability to rip off Philip K **** novels and remain true to the message of the book was saved by 1990's Total Recall.


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If you didn't like Blade Runner then for the love of God don't watch The Adjustment Bureau:
You will cry yourself to sleep at what they did to his story.
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