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What to do with high tier prisoners??

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I just run around with 100 tier 5-6 prisoners (multi culti ofcourse, so there is never more than 10 same troops) that slowly gain conformity with my 1500 men strong army (so they dont slow me down). When I lose some troops from my personal group I mostly have few good replacements.


Lol there you go. It probably build up xp/conformity from before the conformity system.
The current code does not allow for top tier troops to gain xp/conformity.
See for yourself:
    private void ClampXp(int index)
      CharacterObject character = this.data[index].Character;
      if (!character.IsHero)
        int num1 = 0;
        for (int index1 = 0; index1 < character.UpgradeTargets.Length; ++index1)
          int upgradeXpCost = character.GetUpgradeXpCost(this.OwnerParty, index1);
          if (num1 < upgradeXpCost)
            num1 = upgradeXpCost;
        int num2 = MBMath.ClampInt(this.data[index].Xp, 0, this.data[index].Number * num1);
        this.data[index].Xp = num2;
        this.data[index].Xp = Math.Max(this.data[index].Xp, 0);

Yes, this is a valid bug - will be fixed and sent via hotfix ASAP.
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