What to do in Peacetime ? Well, Quests ! :P

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Yeah, i have an idea.. Nine days before full release. :razz:

Inspired by this thread: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/what-to-do-in-peacetime.454488/


My propose would be a questbook, named as "civil affairs" etc. Kinda meh but maybe could help a bit much..

For player vassal; a questbook for her/his settlements. All the quest in owned settlements could be shown - i'm a vassal at that point, why should i search for quests, instead, quests in my territory brought to me by my servants. Rumors about bandit camps in my territory, warnings about badly needed town/castle projects, etc.

For player king; More or less, same thing above but for all faction territory. As a plus reward, i will gain extra relation point for handled quest. F.e. i'm a Sturgian faction leader, i solved a quest in Tyal, i gained relation/money/etc. from quest owner, but i will also gain relation point from Tyal's or Tyal's village's owner.

Increase the quest solving efficieny. Solving quests on mid/late game is generally boring, because i think as a vassal/king, you still have to search for them. And these quests, in their core, are basically civil affairs. So, as a RP pov, these are needed to solve.

If player still doesn't want to travel those quests etc. maybe s/he could send companions too. We already have this. But for vassal/king player, this should be enabled for all the above mentioned things.

With a little rp effect - like naming as civil affairs etc., and with an relatively easy trick (showing/listing those things in tabs - relatively easy thing for TW imo) this "getting bored in mid/late game" issue could be handled.
Maybe not completely handled, but could be majorly handled..

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