What the hell TW? Why i am getting banned for?

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If moderators spent their entire voluntary job asking if someone feels insulted over blatant flame (especially since people won't reply instantly), then we'd still be handling reports from 2015 - the point is, your comment wasn't in compliance with our forum rules, we usually delve deeper into particular comments when it becomes semi-serious to avoid any form of bias from either party. In this case, it wasn't serious, you made a comment which people can take as flame or flamebait, even if it was to a friend or not. Allowing such comments to exist would allow people to use your comment as an excuse to allow their own comment, causing a domino effect, all reports are treated the same as we're impartial, next time if you want to 'joke' by insulting your friend, do it via PM. If you want to carry on this discussion, reply to my warning PM, but let's not derail the thread because you're not happy with the punishment you received.
i just want to thank you guys for stopping people who are abusing the system. Next time i will try to write an insult letter to my friend that silly gosh darn heckler cya
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