What small Quality of Life improvements would you want TW to implement?

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Damma Graham

Yo can we get the OG accompany feature and can you please make the last seen at more accurate. Hey can you please finish the campaign btw like have the brother come back and join your clan as an army you can like level up


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Sorry if these are in or will be in that I didn't notice. Is there no compass? Is there a setting to switch where you can rotate the camera on world map without having to hold r click (like warband.)


1) An accompany function

2) You could cut the number of loading screens by something like 2/3s if you didn't load the entire town/scene whenever you talk to a guy or run into a party.
*Meet party* "Load" Surrender or die! "Load" Attack "Load" Battle
Is far too many loading screens when if it just came up in one of those windows on the left with the dialogue, even have an option to"Enable scenic dialogue" if you want.

3) Not sure if it counts as QoL but the ability to assign"roles" to your sargents in the delegate command function rather than have them just do whatever they want, like how the army leader will tell you to do stuff when you do an army battle. eg:having archers auto-skirmish, or cavalry attack on the left. It would certainly make me feel like more of a commander without having to manually control every troop.

4) Some kind of overhead camera like in warband (might have been part of a mod idk).

5)I didn't find out there was an encyclopedia until i was looking for the couch lance button in the controls and saw it. Easier access would be nice.

6) I get the sense that the removal of the dialogue which guesses the profit from a workshop from warband is intentional, but having to just guess at which workshop to make is a little tricky. Maybe just tell us how much it makes now or something?

7) Hide the goddamn trees behind your character, if you're on a horse in a forest you're basically blind because of crap behind your character.

:cool: Some way to gather large armies late game without personally recruiting 10 a time from random villages, perhaps giving your companion a "Gather troops" mission making them go and gather x number of recruits before coming back? You could do something similar with troops training but idk how to quantify how "trained" you want your troops to be.

Oh and fixing like, all of the perks would be nice.Coming to the realising 30 hours in that no, your perks aren't invisible they're straight up not working is not a pleasant one.


EDIT: Feature is already in the game. It was not obvious to me until just now, but the little dot far to the right is a lock... Sigh
Quality of life: Ability to lock items that you don't want to sell, so that when you click "Sell All" the items that you locked stay in your inventory while the rest get sold. Below is a poor mans concept.
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When lock an item, even if you lose this item, when you have it back it still lock (I lock a good sword for not sale it, later I equip it, I want it still lock when I unquip).
When lock an sword, I want the lock work also for the smith. I melt a good sword ... -_-
Stuff like "Make it easier to follow a caravan," not "add submarines."

Make it easier to accompany caravans

Let a companion's stats/skills appear if you hover over their name (for inventory or party role screens)

Add buttons for "Allow companions to upgrade from loot" and "Send remaining loot to your junk pile." Junk pile can be sold in one batch

Let player choose his teammates in a hideout quest. Let player choose his loadout as well (no need of a lance if not on horseback).

Boardgames should be triggered when talking to a boardgame player. Sitting down seems like a pointless step.

It should be more obvious when you level up/get an attribute point/get a skill point.

Conversations shouldn't automatically end after Lords tell you they don't know anything about the Banner quest.

It should be more obvious from the map if there's a tournament going on in a city.

You should be able to accompany a caravan you're escorting.

If Trade Rumors aren't accurate to the players trade skill, it would be nice if either they were accurate to the player's skill, or if they were more abstracted.

Missions that require conversation checks should be completable by a different means. For instance, instead of shilling for Thieving Mercs, perhaps you can just kill them if you don't have any Charm.

Smithing Energy should be visible at all times.

You should be able to choose your Main companion when visiting cities.The one that follows you by default.

Smithing should have a "randomize by craftable"

You should be able to tell what gang leader controls what territory before engaging.

You should be able to bookmark in the same way you can bookmark a castle. Would show the last known location of the lord as mentioned in the Encyclopedia

Make our character the first entry in the Heroes section of the encyclopedia. Seems silly to have to scroll all the way to "Z," or stay on "A".
I agree 100%,all good points. I like to see some ui mods used in the base game like: Party sorting and setting upgrade paths, and 'recruit all' in towns/villages. locking trade goods form sell all and troops using the cheapest horses for upgrades. I saw some post recently with proposed to add a third gear set for sieges/foot battles with would be nice as well.


1. Save custom formation selection for units between sessions. Currently formations defaulting on game load.
2. Save trade data between sessions. Currently this data not preserved in saved game or not loaded correctly.
3. Give us reserve option, to put part of our troops into reserves and not take them on battlefield. I'm tired of Elite Catafracts storming the walls and getting killed by some militia.
4. Give us ability to train our soldiers on training fields, like it was in Warband. It was nice minigame and made rookie leveling little less painful

To be continued....


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I want the drag and drop equipment to not be so tuchy. I'm constantly replacing the weapon above or below what I'm trying to replace and having to scroll all the way down to find it....... it's really bad it tale way to much effort to just put on my sword and board on the rare occasion I'm going in on foot.
If there's so other way to just make thing go on character that I've missed please lemme know.

Rebalance of the cultural traits.
You mean after they put in the data to make them work at all?


Crossbow and Bow troops should all be put into archer formation (2) by default.
Party UI should have filter and sorting options.


A lot of these can be implemented in mods.
For example, I can't see TW implementing a companions take gear from loot feature. It's clunky. In warband, mods did that.

Owen Wulfson

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Make garrisons easier to manage. I want to be able to stash the max amount of troops in a settlement I own without having to worry about them starving. Considering the amount of skills, perks and settlement upgrades that increase the amount of troopers you can place to well over 400, I find it unlikely that the intent of the developers was to limit our effective garrison number between 0 and 50 tops.

Mods should be able to fix this issue later on without any problem. This and the family quest being completed are my two major requirements before I commit to another extended campaign.


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SAVE character GROUP details - If I setup my spearmen into the Archer group, I want this info SAVED for next time I play ..

PLUS, I want the ability to create NEW GROUPS - Like "Reserve" or "King's Guard", for my companions & Elites.



An official featurelist and a roadmap. Would really improve my quality of wait.

Every day you wait eagerly for an update and then only receive "small" bug fixes. A roadmap would help... then you could put the game aside for a week, because you know that at a certain point in time a desired feature will be found in the game.


I want the ESC key (or some other key like Spacebar) to always back out of menus. Right now, sometimes it backs out of a menu, and sometimes it opens the game menu.

I want to be able to use the hotkeys to go from one screen to another (character to inventory to party to faction etc.) without exiting the prior menu first.


Roguery should level up by having bandit units like stated... it could also use other methods to level up like:

-Taking control of alleys in cities
-Attacking Caravans ( I think this is also not working)
-Attacking Farmers(or even forcing them to give you their stuff)
-adding manhunters to curve the bandit spawns and give you roguery for attacking.

Right now it feels like it's impossible to level up roguery... especially to the point where you can recruit bandits.
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