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I had to get up super early this morning to go buy feed for the farm, as well as dropping my sister off at the hospital for some tests. Naturally, my body decided that last night would be a great time to get a fever. It took forever to break, and when it did I was soaking wet and barely got an hour's worth of sleep. Interacting with humanity and moving 900lbs of feed takes a bit more energy than one hour gets me. Fortunately, the hospital had a parking garage so I was able to grab a cat nap while waiting for my sister.

Also on my nerves is that the assholes that love reporting everyone to Animal Control are at it again, and this time they're targeting the local gays. It remains to be seen if they'll target us too, since we're some of the only non-homophobic people around here. All the same, I wish I was feeling better, because I don't want to fall behind on cleaning everything up. With my sister out of commission, it's actually a lot of work to keep up with all the various odd jobs that the farm generates.
On the upshot, I found a great home for my ponies back before the 4th of July. The 4th is always scary when you have pregnant mares, so we found someone who was willing to babysit them for us until after the fireworks were done. They wound up falling completely in love with them, and they talked us into selling them. It's a bit sad to see them go, but they live close enough for us to visit from time to time, and they're going to send us pictures.

It's also a huge chunk of work off my plate (trimming their hooves is a full day's work), and cuts our winter hay costs in half.
Farcdahaterz69 said:
Man, your life and job sounds like a constant odyssey of pain and adversity. You're a good guy.

This is true. It was true years ago from when I last remember Shatari and it's still true today.
Cyborg Eastern European said:
Then again, maybe he's just smart enough to keep the kitten torture dungeon under wraps.

If he had a kitten dungeon it would have flooded and he would have to swim down and get every single implement one by one because the passage isn't wide enough... or something...
One of my baby goats got herself stuck under one of their shelters today. She hooked her horn just right to immobilize her, which allowed all of the flies in the entire state of Kentucky to come and cover her in fly eggs and maggots (aka fly strike). Fortunately, I found her before the eggs hatched, and the live birth maggots hadn't had time to burrow in yet, so I spent the last hour going over her with a lice comb and washing her with a permethrin based shampoo. She's stressed right the hell out, but I think she'll live. I've got her locked up in the house with a bowl of goat food and some fresh hay, so hopefully she'll forgive me someday.

Flies suck, is the moral of the story, just so we're clear. Also, I'm like an hour late on lunch and I squicked right the hell out. Gloves or no gloves, maggots are unsettling.
That sucks. We have a vinegar mix that we put on our rabbits at this time of year to keep the flies at bay, and even then they can't go out in their grazing boxes until the worst of the fly season is over.
Evvv said:
Chrome's new tab page isn't showing me the most visited site windows anymore. Tried a browser reset, nothing. Can't figure out why.
You mean like the 8 panels below the giant Google bar? Stopped working yesterday for me too.
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