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These ****ing AMD drivers pissed me off. I had been using an old version for ages which worked sorta "fine", but I decided it was about time to update drivers, and while they do have a very cool new software, sure enough these drivers ****ing suck. Here we go again with frequent stuttering in games that I've never had before, and my PC already freezing twice forcing me to restart it. ****ing AMD, fix this ****.
Same stuff happened to me. The only difference was that the wizard always froze after installing the graphic drivers themselves. After a forced restart, the computer worked normally for a minute or so, and then it completely froze.
I have looked up this issue a lot when I had my old computer, and there are many people who experience the same thing. I have only been able to fix it after following that solution.
The issue is definitely on their end, but it's fixable if you have the patience to go through the trouble.
There's an icon in the bottom left of the page, looks like a paintbrush and it says "TaleWorlds" next to it. Click that. If you don't like either option, know that another theme with the oldschool colors is in the works.
Broken axis in the mouse wheel. Back to old mouse with wheel that doesn't detect going up.
Best solution so far is trying to get a nail through the wheel, then file it by hand to get inside the hex hole. Sadly I don't know anyone with a 3d printer to ask for a spare part
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