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What Mods would you like to be made?

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Love the game so far more in love with its potential butt to me a mod or expanded relations would really be next lvl. Something like grievances and separate ways from just basic relation count for instance had a lord capture my wife in a recent save after beating her party. So when beating said lord i should be somewhat justified to execute him. This and maybe a grudge system or smth. It would be much more immersive for me diff. penalties for executions and stuff even a indipendent supreme court or something things like that would make it more alive plus give much more impact to dynasties as the game seems to intend with perma death and offspring. Butt yeah most of the great warband mods remade would be nice
Make a mod that turns all the characters into anime people, surely it's not the first time someone came up with that idea for other games similar to M&B.


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Warband mod
The Crusades mod ( for example: ''crusaders and jihad mod'' perfect example for that.)
Rome vs Huns or Spartacus etc.
I played them. I wasn’t sure if you made that comment because what I was asking for existed lol
When i saw you put down Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, Lizardmen I thought to myself this man has played Heroes ..thats all. But WB did have a half made Mod for it.. it was nice to see it in 3d but never got finished.


Some mod what will tie minimal XP multiplier to ammount of attributes invested. Like 0.1 per attribute, so leveling progress will eventually slow down to a crawl, but never stop completely.


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something in the years where rome started to existe, together with pyrros the eagle,
sparta, athens and cathage, spain etc. i'd hope with a whole map of europe!
with all those mercenary bands at the time, it would be insane.
i preffer historical mods, but i Loved TLD!
can't wait to see what the modders will do.


Medieval Japan anytime from 12th to 14th Centuries - major events being the Genpei War, Mongol Invasion attempts and Nanbokuchō War. (sorry but NOT interested in the over-exposed sengoku or edo periods usually full of pop-culture trash)
Medieval Japan anytime from 12th to 14th Centuries - major events being the Genpei War, Mongol Invasion attempts and Nanbokuchō War. (sorry but NOT interested in the over-exposed sengoku or edo periods usually full of pop-culture trash)
I hear you. The tales from Taiheiki don't have the fame they deserve in the west...It would be a great set for Bannerlord.


Total conversions: Perisno and Prophesy of Pendor
Standalone: something the completely removes this hideous disgrace called heir system... I want to age normally and I don't give a f about my heirs >.<


A mod that puts us into the 1870-1890 version of calradia with massed rifle infantry and Sabre/gun cavalry replacing the early medieval armies we have currently, as well as large caliber Smoothbore artillery and mortars, and the first examples of Gatling guns and perhaps sparsely distributed automatic rifles.

I'd especially like to see sieges in such a scenario, where Ballistas are replaced by the aforementioned Gatling guns.


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A reiteration of 1257AD would be great. But as that presented the real historic time of the starting year of Warband, let's have the same concept for Bannerlord and do 1084AD

Yes, this. Roger's conquest of Islamic Sicily, the Seljuq Turks, the remenants of Ummayyad Andalusia holding against Christian Iberia. It is a pretty rich period of history.


I wish I could mod. Easy as it is - got enough ideas for a small overhaul mod without destroying the core game.
Some of the stuff is covered by other mods. Others isn't.

For instance: I want more interactions with nobles and commoners, a meaningful relationship with my spouse and children - you name it. I want hire assassins dealing with enemies of my clan, I want to survive an attempt on my life, I want to be part of court games - you name it. All the jazz. And yes, I want to start as a nameless freeman instead of a noble - so my clan starts from nothing.

Also I want to bring back manhunters and swordsisters - the latter ones as a fully developed diverse troop tree. Bandits should be more powerful but less annoying (lesser parties, bigger parties), I'd love to see bandit lords and heroes.

Lords should also recruit companions for their own armies. Also I'd like to see rebellions, fracturing of a faction if clans / lords are unhappy for too long. I simply want the game to be way more dynamic and a bit more chaotic so the player can't control all things.

Really, it's easier for me to mod the game if I could instead of waiting for mods that might offer all the stuff mentioned above + what I didn't mention - while not being compatible to each other.


Any custom mod would be great... been playing lots of Warband mods over the years.
I bought this game mainly to enjoy playing the custom mods later.
Hopefully many of the warband modders would join in later (if they are still alive... been years you know!!!)
I would like a crown in my gear like the previous game had when I formed a kingdom, unless that was a mod. Regal armour with a crown would be a fine thing.
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