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It's hard to believe Johnson would react that way. He's much too arrogant or indifferent.

“Setting the fantastical story in this time and place is literally the equivalent of setting a love story between Jew and Gentile in 1940 Germany and ignoring the Jewish holocaust.”
Lord British is still somehow relevant!
Titanic debacle news excerpt:
Underwater sounds can come from a variety of sources but the reports have sparked hope in some, including Richard Garriott de Cayeux, the president of The Explorers Club who said it had “much greater confidence” now after speaking to officials in Congress, the US military and the White House.

Also hearing "banging noises" is hilarious in a dark way. *giggle*
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I googled the lyrics and don't mean to use 'whataboutery' but haven't we for decades had rap songs about '****ing' the police, drugs, guns, violence, prostitution and other crimes? (I remember a state in the US where it was suggested that rap lyrics could be used as evidence in court, if the rapper had written about his (it's mostly men) crimes).

The song is basically about vigilantism against vandalism.
Practically all Hollywood action movies are about vigilantes disguised as heroes fighting crime.

It's far less problematic than:
"*****es, they like when I cook up them blocks
Get away with murder like a mother****in' cop"

- ironically by someone called Young Thug
The song is basically about vigilantism against vandalism.
Practically all Hollywood action movies are about vigilantes disguised as heroes fighting crime.
Against vandalism??? Where did you get that?
It's about threats with guns, extrajudicial violence and implicitly lynching, which is the background of many of these small towns full of good ol boys, including the one where he shot the video.

One of the offenses that would get you punished in some sinister way is "Stomp on the flag and light it up", a protected right to protest.

Sounds pretty much like the KKK!
"Try that in a small town
Full of good ol' boys, raised up right"

Now these small towns are mostly conservative and voting Republican, they are also in the right-wing media bubble where Fox is somehow the least extreme. Townsfolk dream of ambushing liberals bent on somehow invading their town and taking their guns. They are driven to this kind of frenzy by the culture wars and lies, and this kind of song is pandering to that exact sentiment.

Adorno made the full path from a Guardian reader liberal to a racism enabler or worse. Good luck with that.

One of these is Adorno.
You're right. It's not vandalism. It's crime. But we misunderstand each other.
Just so we're clear: the song lists a bunch of crimes that would be punished in some way, in a small town (presumably extrajudicial).
The exception is the flag being burned, which the author considers a crime, I assume. Or worthy of punishment.
The part about a gun his granddad gave him, is the fear of it being taken away (by law). I wonder how effective such an heirloom is :smile:
You mention KKK but that's about race, right? I don't see that in the lyrics. Unless crime in general is synonymous with black people in the US.
I also don't see lynching mentioned. You're American, I assume, so you can better interpret the implicit messages.
The song is definitely a threat, no doubt. I certainly don't condone any of it. But it's art and you can sing about killing cops and all sorts of people.

I still read The Guardian :smile:
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Bro youre from the balkans. I don't particularly like the song either but you're attributing way more significance to it than 99% of people in the US ever would.

Rural Americans don't like American cities and think they're chaotic, dangerous and poorly run? well so do I, even as a londoner who's been to the US a bunch of times.
Rural Americans claiming cultural and moral superiority over urbanites? wow big shock.
Country music has been like this for decades, it's clearly not a sign of rising KKK sentiments because that organisation has been on life support and constant decline for like 50 years now. Its just rural people saying the exact same things they've said about cities for the last 4000 years.

Adorno is right about rap music as well (which i love), especially nowadays with drill music which is about londoners and new workers non-abstractly rapping about and instigating real crimes. Ive listened to a bunch of songs that got real people directly killed, or cheering on a murder weeks after it happened. That is way way worse than even the most damning interpretation of this country song.
I am from the Balkans and therefore unable to understand American culture and history? That's really poor from you, who then also proceeds to explain the said culture as if you are some kind of expert? You are just a bunch of contrarian opinions unsupported by facts.
Why don't you both READ something on it before having your opinions???
I think/hope we can all agree it's an abhorrent song praising crime/vigilantism. It's also art describing a reality in "small town America", just like gang members singing about their criminal activities. I find it pathetic, but it's people singing about their realities.
My gripe was how much attention the country song has garnered, which seems to me like a bias towards what crime is acceptable to laud (pun intended).

Oh, I'm surprised you're from the Balkans, Vader. You seem to have a very left wing American state of mind :smile:
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