What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

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I was watching a youtube video the other day that tries to explain the shortcomings of the VDV in Ukraine from the angle of their TO&E, and in the comments I found a guy named Nikita Lyubarskiy claiming to be serving in the 26th Air Assault Division. When I mentioned that this unit has been implicated in war crimes, he gave me an earful and then either edited or deleted his post shortly thereafter.


This TW job advert made me laugh https://www.backstage.com/casting/sword-and-steed-1333421/
@MadVader are you a good enough female voice impersonator? They're looking for Prof. McGonagall, Brienne of Tarth, Wonder Woman and Galadriel impersonations. :smile:
Failing that you could audition for Alfred of Batman, John Rambo, Obi Wan Kenobi and Don Vito Carleone.
They are looking for Arabs and such speaking thick English. South Slavic accent won't cut it.
It's a nice ad though, and I'm glad TW are doing this. They could advertise on the forum too, there's always a chance there's a voice actor or two around.
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