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Reading that sentence...
When you get so angry you write a poem:

Princess Haya: Dubai ruler's wife seeks marriage protection order
After she fled, Sheikh Mohammed wrote an angry poem accusing an unnamed woman of betrayal and treachery, and posted it on his Instagram page.

(The whole article is tragically amusing.)
China, the land of tommorrow:

A bit of background: Prague has in the past signed a partnership with Beijing. The contract, however, includes certain clauses that should not have place in an agreement between municipalities, namely that Prague supports the One China policy. Later, new Prague municipal council sought to revise the agreement by dropping the clause and also did some other things, such as talking to people from Taiwand and such. China reacted by numerous mean phrases taken from the 1950s communist handbook as well as inter alia banning the Prague Philharmonic (which has no formal connection to the municipality) from playing in China.

Apparently, they now banned a violin quartet that was to play in China because the quartet is named after its founder whose name, if translated, means "from Prague"  :lol: :lol: :lol:
Websites like Tvtropes, Wikia and all the manga reading sites are actually usable here in China because most of the adverts are blocked, and the ones that get through are low quality still images designed for throttled chinese internet, and not hefty gifs or even videos like I usually get. God bless Xi.
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