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Of course. Made me think of this.

Adorno said:
Protesters are flooding the streets, democracy is under attack, and you're watching judicial sports documentaries  :lol:
In times of greatest crises, people remind themselves of their glorious past and need to remember greatest hours of their nations.
San Fermin (that party about running from bulls in the streets) runners are complaining that the event has changed so much is now "unnatural and fake[...]we have oxen instead of bulls, conditioned to stay with the herd, trained (bulls run 3km twice a week), and just too docile. In addition, the streets are applied with anti slip treatment, so they never fall and split in groups".

Damn rules making risky fun safer, I demand my right to opt for a Darwin award!  :lol:
CJEU's The English Bridge Union Limited v Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs said:
24      Admittedly, as claimed by the EBU, and as is apparent from the file before the Court, duplicate bridge involves, inter alia, logic, memory, planning and/or lateral thinking, and constitutes an activity beneficial to the mental and physical health of regular participants. However, even if they do prove beneficial to physical and mental health, activities of pure rest or relaxation are not covered by that provision (see, to that effect, judgments of 21 February 2013, Žamberk, C‑18/12, EU:C:2013:95, paragraph 22, and of 25 February 2016, Commission v Netherlands, C‑22/15, not published, EU:C:2016:118, paragraphs 23 to 25). In those circumstances, the fact that an activity promotes physical and mental health is not, of itself, a sufficient element for it to be concluded that that activity is covered by the concept of ‘sport’ within the meaning of that same provision.

25      The fact that an activity promoting physical and mental well-being is practised competitively does not lead to a different conclusion. In fact, the Court has ruled that Article 132(1)(m) of Directive 2006/112 does not require, for it to be applicable, that the sporting activity be practised at a particular level, for example, at a professional level, or that the sporting activity at issue be practised in a particular way, namely in a regular or organised manner or in order to participate in sports competitions (judgments of 21 February 2013, Žamberk, C‑18/12, EU:C:2013:95, paragraph 22, and of 19 December 2013, Bridport and West Dorset Golf Club, C‑495/12, EU:C:2013:861, paragraph 19). In that respect, it must also be noted that the competitive nature of an activity cannot, per se, be sufficient to establish its classification as a ‘sport’, failing any not negligible physical element.

When you are the most important judicial body in Europe and you use the power to state that bridge (and potentially also card games, board games and esports) is not a sport  :lol:
All they've done is copy the costumes used in the musical, but somehow these CGI catsuits look eerily disturbing.
At least in the musical you know it's all fun and games, but here they've created realistic looking human-cat hybrids.

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