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Hey, you're the one that left it after like 3 messages.


Yea, Dryvus and Hal own it now. To hear in explicit terms what I think of this, you'll have to join because I got in trouble the last time I called them what they are on the forums.
BIGGER Kentucky James XXL said:

The Chairman of the Czech Communist Party stated in an interview that he wants to introduce a motion that would make the journalists be elected. This has to be the best legislative intention ever presented  :lol:

To quote the guy: "Mediacracy is currently winning over democracy. We then have to resort to making it so that everyone wanting to be a journalist would ahve to be elected. And would need to face reelection every four years."

The sad part is that the guy is the "reformed" and "modern" face of the bolshevik party. Most of their members and voters would still just send people to uranium mines for re-education.
True, you can take a man out of the uranium mine, but you can't take the radiation out of the man. I mean, you can give him some iodine. But you won't.
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