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If the pipe is really shoved in a hole, then ok, but I imagine a more common method is digging a trench, laying a pipe and then covering it with ground. I don't know what kind of sex young people have these days, but as for my generation, it doesn't quite capture the essence of how we do it.
Yeah that is generally how you'd lay a pipe, which doesn't have much relevance to banging outside of mortuaries. But cleaning a pipe doesn't involve any laying.
It makes little sense to me either way.
Finish my Assault Pioneer qualification.
Isn't that "Assault a Pioneer"? Like in a communist child scouts? Great pedo stuff they teach you anti-commies.
It was a long, but fun thing.
I will stay with laying a cable, thank you very much :lol:
Laying a cable means taking a **** in Czech. Apparently originating in woodcraft communities and later spreading among general population. How could laying a pipe ever mean something sex-related in English, I will never get. Strange, strange foreigners.
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