What made you happy today?

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Appearance-wise, though, they ain't got much on the old ones.

kurczak said:
Farcdahaterz69 said:
Congratulations on becoming an official Babylonian, how many guns so far?
I actually need to work on Americanness in that regard. I do have a bible that I never read, though, does that count for anything?
Calradianın Bilgesi said:
I thought you have been in the us for ages
Just shy of 3 years is more accurate, which I guess at your age feels like ages, but at mine it's more like "I just finished unpacking" :razz: I've been here on temporary visas so far that I had to renew regularly and you never know and blablabla. If I don't say something stupid at the interview, I'll get a permanent one now. I will also be taxed in America from then on...if I ever make any money anymore, so joke's on them.
Arvenski said:
What brings you to the US, Kurczak?
Realizing 9 years of long distance relationship was enough.
Do you keep your bible loaded at all times?
I was walking on a park path near my house and saw a flock of small little brown birds on the path, as they flew to a nearby fencepost I noticed that among them there was one budgie, who I suppose had either escaped or been set free. It was oddly touching.


I can have a beard at work. That alongside the previous similar order allowing us to wear civilian boots (and paying us back one pair) makes me a happy boy.
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