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I think I grew to like my currency. It feels dumb to see how 5 money units is too much. What happens when you buy candy in yurop? Are small candies worth 1cent?
I like that everything I buy is at least double digits, except for bubble gum and single cigarettes
Five reais is enough to buy a 250ml cup of guaraná and six little packages of peanuts in the train in Rio. Alternatively, you could change those six peanut thingies for a sweet or a bootleg copy of potato chips or other types of brazilian junk food, they evel sell fried cow skin in the train, which goes for 2 reais. People who were born in the 90's still remember fondly how you could buy guaraná for just one real, with the price having doubled in the last twenty years, that, friends, is the real tragedy of Brazil.
"Dear colleague, I am not Herod so I will let you pass but if this happens during the state exams, it will be an exceptional disaster."

Choosing the right examiner and reaping the benefits of the path of least resistance  :lol:
Kentucky James said:
tl;dr I have become a 30 year old unmarried woman who really wants children of her own.

Bromden-post but I've really been feeling this lately. I feel like I've lost so much hope and things to aspire for, my hopes for daughters are really my one redeeming hope for the future. Everything else is so uncertain but there's nothing more certain to make me smile at the thought of than kids. Looking ahead of me, physically, I feel like I only see a void where my little princesses would be. tl;dr lets have kids jacob
Jacob wouldn't need to use an augmented reality visor to make things look like real life is a video game because it already looks like that inside his mind.
Calradianın Bilgesi said:
how do i teach my sister to flush????

She should go up to feudal age with 20-22 villagers, at least on Arabia. Try to have 400 wood by the time she gets there. Make sure she takes both boars. More detailed build order can be worked out later.
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