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A kitten showed up at my house today, most likely abandoned. Cute, friendly, likes climbing my shoulders to play with my sideburns. She also ****s everywhere due to worms, but I got her medicine to fix that. I love her already, but realistically can't keep her, send a gallon of fresh cat hating juice pronto.
An idea that crossed my mind, then crushed because kittens aren't allowed in dorms regardless of cuteness, loud purring, and affection for sideburns. However, I could potentially get her registered as a "companion animal" or something, but it's meant for depression or something similar.

Bluehawk Classic said:
The meat is the most tender now. Don't hesitate.
Tapeworm kitty seems a risk. I'd have to cook her well done, and what's the point in eating well done kitten steak? Absolutely disgusting.
No friends are willing, but I'm trying to convince my mother to take care of her. She could keep my mom company, because it'll be just her at home when I'm away.
Got new medicine for her, seems it was a bacterial infection in her guts, not worms. Her ****s are finally solid, she is more active, and has gained weight! :party:

I live in a nice place
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