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What made you happy today?

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Grandmaster Knight
:lol: I accept. Please prepare a bowl of leek and potato soup and leave it in the fridge for us to heat up and share later, then come and meet me at Waterloo Station. I shall pin a red carnation to the lapel of my blazer so that you can identify me. I shall arrive at 5pm this afternoon and wait until 6pm; if you have not found me by then, I shall know it was not meant to be.  :cry:


Soooo. I wanted to do this thing where I get paid to do a Masters (instead of paying £9 grand or whatever for it), and also get a PhD spot. It's a paid MSc + PhD programme. And since my Honours supervisor is also a supervisor at one of the "centres for doctoral training" here in the Uni -- the place which offers that sort of thing -- he said I should apply there, and so I did. They only accept 10 people per year, so that's bound to be interesting.

On Friday I receive an email from one of the professors whose courses I take (and massively overachieve on, as usual, but this time it's on purpose), who's also the "co-director" of the CDT. He says he's happy to offer me a spot if I'd accept it. I naturally accept. I then finished my dissertation and sent it, along with a small inquiry, to my supervisor. The inquiry read something like "so am I accepted or am I simply on some sort of a list?"

Half an hour ago, after six or seven straight hours of reading papers and writing reports -- as can be seen by this post and the fact that two hyphens make an en dash in LaTeX -- I receive an email from my supervisor: "I'm happy you got the studentship, I look forward to working with you".

Well. That made my day evening!

Lil' Lumos is gonna be a postgrad! Who'd've thunk...


An old guy sitting across me in metro. He fell asleep. After about 10 minutes, he farted and smiled in his sleep. I would say that he did it for a purpose but I'm completely sure that he was sleeping. The woman sitting next to him disgusted and just ran somewhere else in metro. I barely kept my giggles. But I couldn't help myself when the old guy just farted out loud like he is dropping a nuclear bomb in metro while he was leaving.


Grandmaster Knight
My new house is in picture-postcard London. Lookin' gorgeous today.



Grandmaster Knight
I loathe shopping for clothes, but since it's my last year in school and we're having a photoshoot, I had to get some decent clothes for that. Bought a nice pair of gray pants and a blue casual shirt, and I bought some cool t-shirts yesterday, so i'll roll with that.
I haven't gotten the orders paperwork yet, but I'm assuming 3 years as that's what I put down that I wanted to be wherever I go.

Almalexia said:
Good luck you ****ing weeaboo send me some hentai

I am the least weeb buuuut


I got a job I'm definitely not qualified for installing satellite tv and internet. The starting pay is double what I make delivering pizza.
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