What kind of file is this?

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I downloaded this file, not once, not twice, but four times, and after going back through the forums to see if I had made any mistakes, on the fourth attempt, I left the system alone after initiating the download to ensure no corrupted data was downloaded. When I went to actually extract the module from the "archive" winzip informed me that this was not a recognized archive file. So I went back online and found an archive extractor specifically for the listed type of file that this appeared to be, and when I tried a second time to extract, it said the same thing. Can someone please check this file and figure out why two extractors are telling me this is not a valid archive file? I really like M&B and was really looking for a mod that had kingdom management, as I wanted to create my own kingdom, not be some over glorified vassal. FYI I ran into the same problems with the SoD mod as well also downloaded from the repository.