What is this mods fate?

Hulagu Khan

Sergeant at Arms
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Sorry I havent been on lately. I'm in the Army and country > games  :wink:

Seems there is lack of interest in this specific mod primarily due to issues organizing the whole thing.

I am not modder-fluent so to take up a leadership role in such an area was an inevitable fail. All I can/could do was edit faces, however it's been so long since I've touched this game I doubt I can continue even with that.

So with that mentioned, anyone willing to take up this mod with EXPERIENCE and ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS feel free to hit me up. If I'm convinced you can take control and turn this mod into what it should be, then I will send a request to add you as a moderator of this forum. Clean it as you like, however I recommend reading everything before you delete it - there is still useful information spread around this forum.

There really is no place to "pick up where we left off" since we never really got on our feet to begin with. Everything you see in this forum is general ideas, offers, opportunity and attempts to create a great mod. Yes, there was a mongol mod, however there are more bugs and the mod loses its taste after a few weeks.