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What is the -security of "renowned marksmen" and similar perks supposed to convey to me? Security questions

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So while furnishing a new town I'm trying to get a good security rating while not over blowing the town's budget. I'm finding the tool tip for security to be very annoying as it shows -security and I really want to know what it's trying to say.
Here with 190 xbow men I'm getting - read out from renowned marksman
While this security is fine, I would actually like to have it stay in the slight positive as I globe trot. Now it gets weird with trying to add more troops.
Adding just another 30 khuzait raiders into it gives me a nice positive net
But why? What is the UI trying to tell me, is garrison too small for the perk to work, or you need a certain amount of ranged troops or it is negative?

A fallow up question, does anyone know the actual security value of each tier of troop? Too me it looks like it's just each tier =1, is that so?

What I'm trying to figure out is it better to use renowned marksmen or the alt perk that give -20% ranged garrison pay, if my goal is just to have security without spending too much.


Aren't Khuzait raiders tier 3? Maybe Renowned Marksmen has to do with the average tier of the stationed ranged troops? It's a pure guess, though.


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Hello, are you on beta or live branch?
This thread was about a 1.5.7 Beta game observation. I read patch notes that it was fixed in 1.5.8 beta. It is still showing a similar - reading in 1.5.7 stable game. Is there ever a situation where the perks should be showing a - security? I made this thread because I wasn't sure if this was a bug or if perhaps it was negative below a threshold of the related troop type in the garrison.


This was a bug and also happened for other security related perks. I believe all of them are fixed in 1.5.8. I'm not sure about 1.5.7.
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