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what is the requirement for recruiting nogai?

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how can you recruit Nogai horsemen? i am the lord of Akkerman and izmail fortress. and i had every building/comanders in my town. but still unable to recruit these guys.

i was fighting some of the crimean lords who had nogais in his army. they look like some simple low level nomadic horsemen, but for some reason i always lost a lot of my heavy cavalry against these guy. i got few of them from recruiting prisoners. i looked at their stats, they have a long tatar sabre and a shield with tons of weapon skill to use it. it seems their riding skill and stephorse can catchup my cavalry then each swing will interupt pistol/sword reload/attack amination. also their upkeep is really cheap. i am planing to get many of these men.

so can anyone tell me how to recruit these horsemen?
Nogai horesemen are very fief-dependent. Short answer: Nogai troop is only recruitable from one particular recruitment place.

This place is: IZUM fortress, southeast part of the map, northeast of Perekop.  NOT -IZMAIL- fortress, that you currently own.
One easy giveaway is that IZUM fortress has a village of NUGAI, right close by :wink:
Note: Also, Izum fortress makes more sense than Izmail fortress for Nogai recruitment because most of the vassal Nogai Horde was to the east of the Crimean Khanate.

In my game, I only have 25-30 Nogai ... they are not easily mass recruited. I'd love to find a way how to do so, though. As you said, their stats are what makes them superior, despite their unarmored, frilly look, which is quite misleading. I'd luv to recruit them. In my game, another lord owns Izum Fortress, and he's taking his sweet time upgrading everything there, so this is my rate-limiting step in getting more Nogai (only a max of 5 per recruitment cycle). Is there any way to further increase this number? 5 seems low, 10 would have been better. It would have been better/easier if I had owned it. Any way to give away a fief I don't want and receive a fief I do want?

Historically, the Nogai Horde pastured on the steppes northeast of Perekop, not northwest. Nogai Khan, his first name actually Isa (Jesus), was a vassal to the Crimean Khan Islam Girey I. However, he wielded such power and influence, that he was effectively a khan-maker, or king-maker, behind the scenes. This is why it makes sense that Nogai is only true political rival/claimant against the Crimean Khanate faction leader. My girlfriend is of the Nogai clan. I'm from the Naiman clan by paternal line, Argyn/Argun clan by maternal line :grin:
thanks Turanianghazi. i am gathering my men and marching to izum fortress. i have to take it from a russian lord.
Glad to help out, Ironfall! :grin:

Good luck on that siege! Let me know whether it works out for ya.

I don't think the Nogai recruitment place is random (varying by game). I think it's always Izum fortress. I'll check that on a new game, just in case, for ya.
izum fortress is taken haha. it worked, i can recruit nogais in group of 3 each time. i have 24 nogais in my army now. i really like them in cavalry battle, they seems designed to kill horsemen. i use lancer to face swedish reiter in the first charge. when reiters start to running in circle with their pistol, i sent nogai after them for melee. it worked pretty well on hard difficulty. these men have very fast attack with a range 100sabre, it always hit enemy first before the targets can finish their swing.
YAY! I'm very glad to have answered your query and to hear that it worked.

You can increase the recruitment slot to 5 Nogai per recruitment cycle. Just keep upgrading the commanders and all buildings. I don't think it can go higher than 5, but I'm not sure about that point.

Aaah I see now why their the "Cav killers" it's all because of their high stats skills and that long-reach sabre of 100. Hmm interesting. Thanks for sharing!
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