What is the point of dungeons?

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Why have a dungeon in your fortified citadel, when an enemy lord escapes every goddamn 20 seconds? I dont understand this slippery prisoner system. Why does the decision to take a ransom get made for you automatically?


I think dungeons and the whole lord imprisonment thing are among the many things that haven't been fully implemented. I don't believe dungeons serve any real purpose at the moment, but I think that will change in the future.
Temporarily store troop prisoners during intense wartime for later ransom/donation purposes. Not sure if time spent in dungeon will persuade prisoners to defect. But these merely matters as well.

For me, I feel like lord imprisoned in settlements with huge defense is less likely to escape, but this could be just my feelings.

For the time being, yes this is broke.


The ability to leave prisoners (maybe even the normally "unbreakable" higher tier troops) in dungeons until they become recruitable (just like while they're being dragged by the party) would be a nice feature. They could have to be fed from the fief's food while in the dungeon.
If you don't want your prisoners escaping then get the mod that decreases the chance for them to escape. I'm using that now until TW fixes this. It doesn't make sense that a prisoner of high interest has so little guards around them that he can escape so easily.


I keep prisoner there to recruit them, it is the only way I can continue to obtain troops in my kingdom of a single city ...
TW needs, when a new patch is released, to fix this. When captured, the likelihood of a noble escaping should be minimum at best when still with your troop (as these would be high valued targets with your guards watching them) and, literally impossible when in the dungeon itself. Right now, there is no point to even try and keep prisoners


I dont know why they changed prison system from warband.

In WB you had a chance to capture lord, but if you capture him, he will not escape in two days. Right now there is no point to capture anyone. He will respawn with army 2 days later and thats all.
I wonder if the chance of captured lord escaping is related to their Roguery skill. Similarly, if the chance they get bartered out of prison (presumably with the prison guards?) is related to how wealthy are they. As far as I can tell, not everyone has the same escape chance. Some lord just stayed prisoner in my troop/settlement for quite some time (maybe months).
Lol I think any guard can be bribed especially if you're paying them 1 denar per day. The system should be expanded but, annoying as it is, I think it's working as intended and I'm ok with it as is.

Exploring the dungeons themselves is pretty cool, for those of you who haven't done it.

It seems like all the guards are sleeping, so it would be nice if you could choose different payment types for dungeon keep guards to keep them awake/add more units to it for shorter shift times.

There's a torture room in every dungeon, it would be cool if there was something to do there at the expense of relation. +bribe money -relation.

I'd like to see normal troops being able to be recruited possibly using the torturing system, although it would have negative effects for committing war crimes, although it may have been normalized for the time period.

I hate how I see all these negative posts on balancing issues without suggesting any new content. Please let's try to keep positive and stray away from balancing issues when what we all really want is bugfixes and content.
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I also have the AI auto bartering and regularly selling the nobles I capture, so there is no way to slow down attack rate. I currently have just had three kingdoms declare war on me, and I am constantly going between my two towns defending, not time to consolidate. The dungeon needs to be just that, somewhere I can put prisoners and nobody sells them off without my say so!


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Just kill them all..
I tried that and after killing only about 8 or so, I had my first freeze. I sent of the crash logs with a note. I am also now getting stuttering which is new for me, so I am validating the files at the moment.


Why have a dungeon in your fortified citadel, when an enemy lord escapes every goddamn 20 seconds? I dont understand this slippery prisoner system. Why does the decision to take a ransom get made for you automatically?
Devs themselves told some lad here, that Harry Houdini Lords is only a temporal mechanic, since they are afraid that for now, if Lords will stay imprisoned for a long time, the snow-balling problem will arise again. They promised, that as asoon as some new mechanics (they didn't metioned which mechanics though) are implemented, the imprisonement time will be increased severely.
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