What is the leveling system in MP for?

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May be a dumb question but I do not understand what my XP is going towards... is it something WIP? Thanks. Please remove if already been asked and answered.


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Currently it doesn't affect any known aspect to the game. Perhaps later on it will have rewards and benefits, but for the moment. It's just a feature.


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TBF the game is still in early access. It's gotta go towards something eventually. Thanks for the replies

I believe they're planning an MMR system towards the end of EA - they've also got 'ranked' as a planned feature, though I don't think there's an ETA for that though...
Sadly we don't get dedicated servers until after EA... I just hope whatever they do for MP it is enough to keep me entertained. Nearly 100 hours in a week in multiplayer and I'm slowly but surely losing interest. There just isn't enough to do, or enough motivation (things to grind for) to keep going forever.


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Burnout is possible. Though I see the OP's point. Once again though. Early Access. So we can expect to see this feature expanded. In the mean time, try singleplayer or something else for a bit so you don't burn out on this game.


100 hours in a week is definitely way too much. Hell, even half that is way too much (that's more than 7 hours per day). Of course you'll get burned out.
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